My Favorite Print Headlines
The less it says, the more impact it has. These are some of my favorite campaigns. (Updated January 2019)
Copy Style Guide
Creating a template for Amazon Prime. If the question is, "Alexa, what is Prime Photos?" I wrote the answer.
Content Marketing
Capturing the imagination of Microsoft Office 365 subscribers through video, social and a blog post.
Social Media Activation
Created, pitched and executed #BKD4aDay from Sprint, a sweepstakes spanning multiple social media sites involving Kevin Durant.
Email Campaigns
Acquiring new subscribers for Hulu. Relationship building with Sprint. Plus, I had a cup of coffee with Starbucks.
Product Launch
Introducing Amazon Prime Free Same-Day shipping. How quaint!
B2B Social Media Copy
Unifying Microsoft Cloud & Enterprise's complex story with A/B testing.
PitchBook: Data Accessibility
A customer's journey through gated content.
Website Copy
A Sprint-branded website promoting their important partnership with NASCAR.
Homepage Takeover
A walk through that time I was given creative control of the most valuable page on the internet, Amazon's homepage.
Case Studies
A series of 1200 word Case Studies for Microsoft. Each study focused on a unique client who improved their business by using Microsoft PowerApps or Surface products.
Detroit Electric Vehicles
Introducing gear heads to a non-"green" approach to electric vehicles.
Available Upon Request: Broadcast Reel
Available Upon Request
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