My Favorite Headlines
My career has been built on a foundation of copywriting. These are my favorite examples.
Amazon Prime
This wide-ranging initiative was among Amazon’s early “mobile first” platform initiatives.
Amazon Prime Subscription Promotion
Developed the Customer Experience and copy for Prime members and non-members to sign-up for a free 6-month subscription to The Washington Post.
Microsoft Cloud & Enterprise
Microsoft Office Overachiever
PitchBook Content Marketing
Sales Materials for Entrepreneurs
#BKD4aDay from Sprint
Developed a social sweepstakes involving Kevin Durant to drive new users
For many, Renters Insurance is their first experience working directly with an insurance company. This microsite offers a fun, simple approach to a what may seem like a painful process.
Contributed to the development of a fresh brand look. Followed it up with an award-winning ink promotion campaign. 
WashSquad Laundry App
An app that gamifies laundry for the whole family by capturing the attention of both generations on their mobile devices.
Baltimore Opera
"Opera. It's better than you think. It has to be." This Best in Show radio campaign introduced the world (well, actually just the city of Baltimore) to the idea that just about anybody can enjoy Opera.
My Starbucks Rewards
An 8-day End of Summer email campaign for My Starbucks Rewards. The goal was to incentivize loyalty program members to try new items at different times of the day by delivering emails with urgency, appetite appeal, and of course, bonus stars.
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